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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Use of Information.

Orbitala Ltd. respects the privacy of website visitors and users of Company’s services, and considers its maintenance a matter of major importance.

The Company puts in significant efforts to preserve the information provided by you, and we take various measures to maintain the security of information and your privacy.


All data to be provided by you as part of using the Company’s website, including personal identification details and other details, are provided voluntarily and with your consent, without you being subject to legal obligations requiring you to provide them.  You acknowledge and agree that the information will be stored in the Company’s databases and/or anyone acting on its behalf or for it, in Israel and abroad.


The information obtained in the course of using the services offered on the website, including when carrying out actions, and any other information stemming from your activity, may be stored in such databases.


Browsing the website and its content is intended for adult users over 18 years of age. By continuing to use the website, you confirm that you are an adult over than 18 years of age.


Browsing the website constitutes full agreement with all the details of the Company’s Privacy Policy.


You agree and confirm that the company will use the information to contact you and/or for direct or automatic marketing, advertising or to increase loyalty and/or for monitoring and/or statistical analysis of information for its purposes, all subject to the provisions of any law.


The Company may process and characterize the information provided by you and/or information about your activity, including via someone on its behalf. The products of information processing by the company may be used to offer you various products or services that you may need or that may interest you from time to time, all subject to your rights under any law.


The Company may use or operate software that accumulates and characterizes information about your activity on the website, and analyzes it in order to streamline Company’s services and better adjust the Company’s services and products in accordance with your needs or characteristics. Continued browsing constitutes your agreement regarding this matter.


The company uses various software and technologies based, inter alia, on cookies, tags and pixels (hereinafter, jointly – “cookies”), as part of the website’s continuous operation, and in order to collect and characterize various statistical data about you and your use of the website, such as: actions carried out while browsing the website, use preferences, adjustment of services and products in accordance with the user’s personal preferences or needs, adaptation and targeting of advertisements and marketing content in accordance with the information and data collected and processed as mentioned above, including comparison of all of these data with the website visitor’s uses of other services offered by the Company.


In addition, third-party cookies, including from Google Analytics, ReCaptcha AppsFlyer, firebase, and/or other statistical and advertising services of companies, such as Google and Facebook, may be used in accordance with their terms of use and privacy to characterize and monitor events and activities in digital channels and identify the patterns of use in an aggregate and non-identifying manner. Cookies are actually text files (or code rows) created in your browser and/or mobile device, if you have allowed it in your device/computer settings, and collect relevant information, such as the amount of time you spend on the website/page/screen, your style of browsing and actions you carry out, including the use of your IP address, domain name and service access point, device location, login dates and other digital identification codes. The Company requires crosschecking of such data and uses, inter alia, to prevent unauthorized use or abuse of Company’s services. In addition, the above use will also serve for making marketing and advertising decisions.


You may update or change the settings of the device from which you access the Company’s website at any time and block, in whole or in part, the use of various cookies and/or other permissions requested by the online and digital services you use. In such case, some services, in whole or in part, may not work properly (e.g., automatic identification, use preferences, or language may not be saved). Changing your device settings is under your sole responsibility. In addition, you may also remove yourself from being used by Google Analytics and other third party services under their terms, as well as and redefine and control the advertising referred to you from Facebook via your user settings on their sites.


Therefore, by agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you agree to use the technologies described and other technologies, as they may be from time to time, for similar purposes, including use of information to be stored via them for the purpose of your identification and/or characterization in accordance with them.


While using the website, links to external pages may appear in form of advertisements, banners, links, etc. Should you choose to use the links to other sites or services, should you choose to use them and as of the moment of such use, you will be subject to the terms of the privacy protection policy of such sites/pages/applications, and the Company will not be liable for any type of actions or privacy policy of the abovementioned sites/applications/pages or services. The Company recommends to review and read the privacy policies of these sites prior to using them. For illustration, details on Facebook policy are available at


While browsing the website, you may use third party products and/or service, which are presented for your convenience only. Using such products and/or services are under your sole responsibility, subject to the privacy policy and terms of use of the operators of these products/services. For illustration, details on Google privacy policy are available at

You can change the privacy settings and the information you share through Google by managing Google's privacy settings in the following link: .


Without derogating from the abovementioned uses, should your device settings permit this, the Company may provide non-personal information, which does not identify you personally, to third parties, inter alia, in order to improve, expand or improve the service and related or associated services, as well as in order to tailor targeted contents that suit your needs and preferences.


Should you have any questions or request, please send a message to the Company via the “Contact Us” form.


By continuing to use the website, you fully agree to all the terms of the Company’s Privacy Policy.


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