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Orbitala was established by a well experienced team of chemical engineers, in order to meet the industrial demand of companies for armament, unique chemicals, and to specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for these materials. Orbitala is a distributer of dangerous goods imported from all over the world for various applications.

We offer a range of chemical packing sizes from samples and R&D, through drums, totes and ISO tanks. The materials we provide include gases, solids, liquids and suspensions in different varieties of packaging and applications.


With the help of our suppliers, manufacturers, experienced team of chemical engineers and effective teamwork, we are committed to provide a professional, efficient, trustworthy and safe service at the highest grade, all to benefit our customers and ensure they receive the highest quality product in full compatibility with their application.


Orbitala provides special services in all phases of the importation, from start to finish, by including consultation and logistics such as:

  • Technical and Chemical Engineering Consulting.

  • Locating suppliers and global sourcing.

  • Import, transport and storage of hazardous materials.

  • Partnerships with suppliers around the world.

  • Import of ISO tanks of corrosive and toxic gases.

  • Import of molecules with end user/ requiring unique import license.

  • Disposable cylinders for calibration.

  • Finding sources for nonstandard and special materials.

  • Purchasing cylinders by request.

  • Cylinder filling.



9 Pozitano st. ent. A, 5th floor , office 17

Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: +395 24434343

WhatsApp: +359 88 596 0050



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